Can you transition from a 1:1 local business coach into an International online marketing consultant?
Here is my story of how I did it.

Five years ago, I was running a small but successful childcare business from home called Childhood Matters.

The truth of the matter was, I set this business up to counteract a major life issue and I ran it around my then 4-year-old son Rory’s childcare needs.

Given that I am not one to do things half-heartedly, very quickly we became OFSTED Outstanding, had a 3-year waiting list and we were able to charge the highest hourly rate in the county because of the premium service we offered.

By 2011, however, my son had outgrown the need for childcare and I had outgrown the business.

I had taken it as far as I could. I had wanted to franchise it, but as the UK was still reeling from the credit crunch, money to invest in even a thriving business, was thin on the ground.

Business Coaching seemed like the obvious answer!

For many years, I had been coaching those around me. Whether it was my staff at the nursey, the parents of the children or my family and friends. I had always been sought out for advice, business and personal.

I decided that given I had created several successful types of business from Retail in Home Improvements to Wholesale Distribution in Health and Nutrition to Team Development and Training, I had a pretty good knowledge bank, skill set and variety of experiences to draw from.

Becoming a Business Coach, therefore, seemed the obvious answer.

I knew how to Start Up A Business

So, I put my best foot forward and got myself out there. Networking, this new (to me) Social Media malarky and even wrote a series of business growth workshops which I ran Free of Charge for local businesses.

All good stuff I hear you say, and yes that activity did get my coaching business off the ground and probably for the first three years of my business, my clients came from that initial marketing flurry.

However, I did hit business challenges.

The main one was that in my area (Gloucestershire in the UK) the world and their Granny seemed to be a Business Coach. The other challenge was that the people I was meeting didn’t always

  1. See the value in coaching
  2. Have the cash flow to invest
  3. Understand the difference between working ON or working IN your business.
I realised I need to engage a Business Coach for myself!

So, that’s what I did. I spoke very nicely to the kind man at Barclays who extended my overdraft, did my research on who would be the right coach for me, and got started.

I am never without a Coach or Mentor of my own.

That was simply the smartest move I made in the last five years. Each year I have engaged a new coach as my business evolved and, at times, as I shifted direction.

Every single one of them has added to my business and has enabled me to grow my income significantly. And I always look to get at least a 10 x return on my investment (and so should you).

Since 2017, my business shifted direction again. Finally, I was able to have superfast broadband installed (I KNOW 2017!!) Up until then, my little home office had to run on a whole 0.7mb connection. Jumping up to 300mb, I thought all my Christmases had come at once!

Now, with the whole planet opening up to me, never mind the whole of the UK, I was able to make the biggest shift in my business yet.

My International Online Marketing Consultancy was now fully fledged and fully booked.

Clients on 3 Continents and in over 15 countries. Fabulous! However, much as I loved working as a one to one Marketing Consultant to these amazing people, my time was now not my own.

It’s a very odd feeling when you book a new client contract and although there is an initial excitement, your energy quickly lulls because you know your calendar is just too jam-packed with one to one appointments.

Enter my latest Business Mentor.

Based in San Diego, this man is known the world over for his Marketing chops. A best-selling author and with over 5000 clients, I knew he was worth investing in.

In fact, not only did I engage him as my mentor, I became a certified partner in his business, enabling me to use his IP and teach his methods to my own clients.

What he has taught me has completely taken me (and my clients) to a whole new level and ramped everything up several gears.

I have completely streamlined everything I was doing and now I only offer one product and only work with one specific group of people.

I.E. Those who wish to Launch or Scale their own 6 Figure + Online Business. The only variance I offer is the timescale they would like to do it in.

Either over

  • 2 Days ( LIVE Intensive to Design and Create Your Launch Map in just 48 hours)
  • 12 Weeks ( ONLINE Intensive. Design, Create, Activate and Launch)
  • 12 Months ( All of the above with ongoing Consultancy to Scale Without Fail)

The whole killer strategy is taught via Group Consultancy so the benefit of each member resonates throughout the whole group.

The difference this has made to my time and income has to be seen to believed and now I can do the same for you.

If you would like to take 12 Weeks (unlike me who took 5 years!) to Launch or Scale Your Online Consultancy Business WITHOUT any technical frustrations, information overload or fear of failure, or wasting any more precious time,  please get in touch.

Click HERE to book your QUICK CONNECTION Call today.

Speak soon,

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