Stop People Pleasing, Start Crowd Pleasing Instead!

Why Group Coaching might be the best thing to ever happen to your business.

No matter what kind of coach you are, sooner or later you’re going to discover two things:

1. You have a limited number of hours to spend with clients.

2. There are so more people in need of your help than you have time to work with.

The first problem affects your income. The second, your spirit. And both are detrimental to your business growth.

Now it might seem obvious that your time is limited. After all, everyone is working with the same 24-hour day. But what a lot of new coaches fail to consider is all the time you have to spend on things that aren’t actually coaching.

Unpaid discovery calls…sure, they often lead to a new client, but if you’re spending 30 or 60 minutes on the phone with each potential client, that can eat up your day fast!

Support…if you’re like many entrepreneurs, you’re likely still handling a lot of support tasks yourself. Clients and potential clients call and email frequently, taking time away from those one-on-one calls.

Marketing…without your blog, your email list, your Facebook groups, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and others, you soon won’t have any clients to serve. But this is all “unpaid” time as well.

So, let’s be honest, when you take all of this (and the other endless tasks you perform as a small business owner) into consideration, your available time for one-on-one calls is really pretty limited. For most coaches, it’s less than 3 hours per day—and that’s if you are highly motivated and extremely organised.

But what if, for one hour each week, you were able to reach 20 or 40 or even 100 people? Now instead of filling your day with one-on-one calls, you can actually work fewer hours while reaching more people and earning more money.

That’s the beauty of a group-coaching programme.

Here’s another benefit many new coaches fail to see: the upsell.

It can be difficult to fill a one-on-one coaching programme without an entry-level product to act as the top of your funnel. A group-coaching programme gives potential new clients a way to get to know you—and your coaching style—without a huge investment.

And it gives you the opportunity to move those clients into higher-end programmes, such as your one-on-one coaching, a VIP day, or an exclusive mastermind retreat.

So not only can you serve a larger audience, but you can fill your available high-end coaching slots with action taking clients who already know and love you ( and whom you love right back) and those you know will find success.

Now, creating a group-coaching programme might seem daunting. There are a lot of moving parts to coordinate, but trust me, you already know what you need to include.

Here is my most recent Facebook Live where I share the Why, the What and the How to get your group coaching programme off the ground ASAP.

Click HERE to watch.


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